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Relations between Algeria and Indonesia

| Relations between Algeria and Indonesia |

Algeria and Indonesia are bound by ties of faith and history. The relations between the two country have always been based on solid foundations. The longstanding friendship existing between Algeria and Indonesia lies in the similar experiences they share through their struggle for independence. The support extended by Indonesia to the Algerian people during their liberation war contributed, indeed, to the strengthening of these relations. The two countries have furthermore forged a close cooperative relations in the Non-Aligned Movement, the organization of Islamic Conference, the G-77 and the group of 15 where they share the same position on many issues.

On the economic fields, Algeria and Indonesia have endeavored to promote dense bilateral relations and develop a mutually profitable cooperation. To that end and in order to give more impetus to the development of their bilateral relations, widen their scope and increase significantly the opportunities offered by their vast potentials, several agreements have been concluded between Algeria and Indonesia.

This legal framework combined with the positive result achieved so far attest clearly of the strong will of both countries to foster their relations.

During the last three years, trade relations have indeed progressed in a positive way with the volume of exchanges reaching $ US 150 millions. If this positive result is a clear indication of the good prospect that the future is holding for the expansion of the bilateral relations, much remains to be done by the two countries to take the best of their economic potentialities.

I remain, therefore, confident that Algeria and Indonesia will succeed in a near future, in taking the best of their potentialities, increasing the volume of their trade exchange and in building a comprehensive and more diversified cooperation thus giving a real sense to the South-South cooperation..

The next holding of the session of the joint commission will, in this regard, certainly contribute to the strengthening of the algerian-indonesian economic relations.


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