Embassy of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in Jakarta

Statement of the Algerian Government
concerning the military actions against Iraq
March 20, 2003

Military actions have been launched today, against Iraq. This recourse to the use of force was not duly authorized by the United Nations Security Council. It is a recourse to force that does not fulfill the conditions of legality and legitimacy required by the system of global security the international community endowed itself with. It represents a precedent of an exceptional gravity for international relations.

This serious development goes against the peaceful settlement of this crisis called for by the African Union, the European Union, the Africa-France Summit, the Non-Aligned Movement, the League of Arab States, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. These organizations, which have also put their political authority as well as moral at the service of international inspections to be pursued, given the increasing cooperation of Iraq, have all insisted on the imperative necessity for all parties to comply with international legality and to respect the United Nations framework.

Launching armed hostilities against Iraq is taking the shape of a war which aims obviously go beyond Resolution 1441 of the UN Security Council.

Algeria, which invested itself in a sustained action in order to promote a peaceful solution compliant with international legality, deplores the interruption of diplomatic efforts and the launching of military strikes against Iraq. Algeria calls for the immediate cessation of war actions and the resumption of conflicts settlement through peaceful means.

In this situation, perilous for Iraq and dangerous for the region as a whole, Algeria reaffirms the demand for the strict respect of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Iraqi Republic, and assures the brotherly Iraqi people of its natural solidarity in this terrible ordeal inflicted on them.


Embassy of Algeria in Jakarta copyright 2002