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Mr. Abdelkader Bensalah,
President of the Council of the Nation


Born on November 24th 1941 at Fellaoucene (Wilaya of Tlemcen)
Holds a bachelor's degree in Law

1967 : Journalist at the daily "El Chaab" (in Arabic);

1968 / 1974 : Correspondent of El Moudjahid (weekly) and El Djoumhouria (daily) in the Middle East. While being a correspondent, he has participated with his writings in many newspapers and magazines in Arabic.

1970 / 1974 : Director of the Algerian Center of Information and Culture (A.C.I.C.) in Beyrouth where he founded the review titled "Akhbar oua Wathaek" (News and Documents).

1974 / 1977 : General Manager of the daily "El Chaab".

1977 : Elected deputy at the National People's Assembly

1982 / 1991 : Reelected for the two successive terms, during which he held the position of Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Assembly.

1989 / 1993 : Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the Islamic Conference Organization (Jeddah).

1993 : Director of Information and Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

October 1993 : Member of the National Dialogue Commission which restored the dialogue among the different political forces and resulted in the convening of the Conference of national understanding in February 1994 which adopted the platform of national understanding and mandated the setting up of transitional institutions.

May 1994 : Elected President of the National Council of Transition, the transitional legislative institution. He held that office until 1977.

February 1997 : Mr. Abdelkader BENSALAH founded the National Democratic Rally party of which he has been elected President.

June 5th 1997 : He led his party to the legislative elections and was elected deputy of Oran.

June 14th 1997 : Elected Speaker of the National People's Assembly. In this capacity, he played a prominent role in the domestic as well as in the Arab, Africa and international parliamentary field.

He was elected President of the Arab Parliamentary Union at its ninth Conference held in February 2000.

Mr. Abdelkader BENSALAH took part in the revolution within the National Liberation Army and was awarded the National Liberation Army medal and the order of National Merit.

He is married and has 4 children.


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