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Special Incentives

Any individual or legal entity, public or private, resident or non resident realizing an investment through contribution :
· In an area whose development requires a particular Government contribution;
· In an area presenting a particular interest for the national economy.

A. Areas defined by the Investment National Council and whose development requires a particular Government contribution

Types of investments
· Creation
· Expending
· Rehabilitation or restructuring
· Participation in company's capital as in kind or cash contribution
· Resumption of activities within the framework of partial or total privatization
· Joint venture / partnership.

Any economic sector of production of goods or services including licensing and concession.

A simple declaration and incentives application form(1).

Assistance during the implementation period
· Transfer fees exemption for real estate acquisition realized within investment framework;
· Application of fixed registration fees limited to 2 0/00 on charters and capital increases;
· Government total or partial coverage of infrastructure expenditures;
· VAT exemption on capital goods and services directly involved in investment implementation;
· Application of reduces rate of customs duty on imported material directly involved in project realization.

Assistance during the exploitation period
Investment may benefit during a period of ten (10) years of:
· Exemption from corporate income tax (IBS), income tax revenue (IRG), from contribution levy (VF) and from professional activity tax (TAP);
· Starting from the decision date and during ten (10) years, exemption from property tax on real estate;
· Additional advantages to improve or/and to facilitate investment such as possibility to choose reducing balance method of depreciation.

B. Projects presenting a particular interest for national economy and especially when they use technologies which are susceptible to preserve environment, to protect natural resources, to save energy and to lead to a durable development.

Granted advantages are defined contractually after approval of Investment National Council.

(1) forms provided by ANDI.


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