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ANDI your key partner

Established under the presidential ordinance n° 01-03 of August 20th, 2002, related to the development of investment, the National Development Agency (ANDI) is an administrative public body (EPA), in the service of all investors.

Its objectives are:
· to promote, facilitate and develop investment.
· to help investors in the implementation of their projects.
· to facilitate formation of new companies and special investment entities.
· to administer investment incentives.
· to manage the Support Fund for Investment.
· to manage the land and property portfolio.
· to contribute to the development and promotion of new investments areas and forms for the national market.

Resources and means
· The National Investment Council, strategic organ for investment promotion and development;
· Decentralized Operational Departments (one stop shop) through the entire territory representing all administrations and public bodies concerned;
· Specialized technical structures for the support and monitoring of project implementation;
· National and international information networks;
· Support Fund for Investment;
· Land and property portfolio for investors;
· The contribution of Algerian and foreign experts and specialists;
· A country with a high potential growth;
· The will to serve investors and stimulate the national development.

Promotion and documentation
· Organization of seminars and professional meetings, forums, survey and information sessions
· Services of a specialized Documentation Center and date bases
· Publication of guides, pamphlets, leaflets relative to investment opportunities according to areas and branches.

Surveys, research and development
· Participation to the definition of areas whose development requires a particular State contribution.
· Promotion of sites and infrastructures for projects implantation.
· Technological, economic and legal research.
· Search and exploitation of co-operation opportunities in technical and financial fields.

Investors !
To be granted incentives and benefits from the guarantees provided by the investment legislation related to investments, all you have to do is to declare your investment in compliance with the forms provided by the Decentralized Operational Departments of ANDI.

ANDI Investment Development National Agency

28, rue Ahmed Ouaked - Dely Ibrahim, Alger
Tél. : (213) 21 36 28 96 à 98
Fax. :(213) (0) 21 37 30 80



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