Embassy of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria in Jakarta

Art and Culture

| A thriving handicrafts industry |

Algeria has a thriving handicrafts industry. Part of the charm of the country is the richness of its production. From carpets to ceramics, from leather to lute making, from pottery to glassworking to silverwork, the country have a tremendous variety of skills that produce goods which are sold in may other countries as well as to tourists.


One such thriving industry is carpetmaking. Wool is obtained from local sheep, goats and sometimes dromedaries to make the carpets for which Algeria has become famous.


Sheet copperware is another specialty and was passed down from the Ottomans. Craftsmen produce unique items in Algiers, Constantine, Ghardaia, Tindouf and Tlemcen. Attractive decorative lamps with multicolor glasses can be found all over the country.


Traditional Berber silverware is extremely popular and some fine pieces are made with semi-precious stones and coral. Craftsmen make brooches and pendants and do enameling.


One of the popular products on sale is the "rose des sables" sand rose, which is a form of crystalline structure that grows below desert sands and can reach quite huge dimensions.


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